What can I take and leave behind when I sell my home?

You’ll be surprised what is and is no longer yours.

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Specific possessions you take or leave when you close on your home could become a problem.  It could become a legal problem if you’re not careful.

We strongly recommend referring to your purchase agreement when determining what should be taken and left behind when you drive away for the last time.

Generally, if an item is fixed to the property (e.g. light fixture, TV mount, Ring doorbell), it becomes part of the property.

The only exception is if you disclosed in writing that the item does not convey with the home.

Items that should not be removed unless agreed to in writing:

Now, leaving personal items behind can also be an issue that can effect your closing. 

While it may seem like a nice gesture to leave half empty bottles of bleach, brooms and mops that didn’t fit in the moving truck, but these items found post-closing could create a headache for you. It can actually halt the funding and recording of the transaction.

Junk in Yard

Items that should not be left behind unless agreed to in writing:

Save yourself from unnecessary stress by simply referring to your contract or ask your real estate broker. It can help make the closing of your home peaceful and complete.



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