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I have to contact and use the listing agent of a home that I am interested in.

When you go into an auto dealership, the salesperson assisting you represents the dealer. When you enter the market to buy a home, working with the Seller’s agent is similar to working with the salesperson at a dealership. They don’t represent you, they represent their client.


I can find more homes for sale by contacting several different real estate agents or visiting numerous websites.

Every home listing originates from one primary source, and that’s the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  Each metropolitan area has its own MLS database.  Therefore, it is not necessary to communicate with several real estate agents or browse numerous websites.  They pull listings from the same source.


I've researched how to buy a home, so I believe that I can purchase a home without a Realtor.

Since typical real estate transactions are complex, using a Realtor can help you avoid delays and costly mistakes. A Realtor can also help you save time, by guiding you through the seemingly endless paperwork and laws that are required when buying a home. 


I will get a discount if I buy a new construction home or find a home without a Realtor.

Home builders do not pass on the commission to you.  They simply keep it as profit.  Then, if you call the real estate agent on the sign, you’re still using a Realtor…the Seller’s personal Realtor.



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