How to choose a home inspector

Your due diligence will matter.

Contact a local Realtor®

The easy way would be to simply ask your real estate broker who they recommend. You’ll learn quickly that for liability purposes, a wise broker will not “recommend” a home inspection company. If asked, they may tell you who they’ve worked with and the experiences they’ve had with them. However, we prefer to guide you on what to consider when searching for someone to inspect your potential future home.

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Let the Search Begin

While it may be tempting to ask a friend, relative or co-worker for a referral, you can’t be certain that they did the same due diligence you’ll have done by the end of this article.

First, start with a general search using your favorite search engine. Try searching for: Albuquerque Home Inspection Companies, Home Inspectors Albuquerque or something similar.

Narrowing Down Your List

Compile a list from the search results. Begin to narrow it down to about 2-3 by reading reviews and comparing packages. Some inspection companies include services such as termite inspections (also known as wood destroying insects) and offer a sewer line scope for a separate fee while others outsource those additional inspections. It can be time efficient to find an inspection company who can provide various inspections directly.

Get Inspections Scheduled

E-mail your list of desired inspectors in the preferred order to us. We’ll personally schedule the inspections based on the inspector’s availability in addition to coordinating it with your schedule as well as the deadlines outlined in the purchase agreement.

Things to Consider

If your first desired inspector is not available or cannot accommodate an appointment within the time-frame of the contract, we’ll reach out to your second and third choice.

While we recommend that you attend the home inspection, we understand that your schedule may conflict with the timing of the inspection. Don’t worry, you will receive a report from the inspection company explaining maintenance items, major concerns…

Express Your Conerns

You can choose any type of inspection at any time. If something concerns you, there is likely an inspection for it. Don’t hesitate to express your concerns.

Home inspections are not intrusive. This means that the inspector will not peel back flooring or open up walls in order to inspect areas not visible to the eye or that are easily accessible.



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