What you need to know about Curb Appeal

Discover why your home is being judged from the street.

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Your home’s curb appeal can tell a detailed story about its overall condition and routine maintenance, or lack thereof.

First Impressions Count

The moment a home buyer pulls up and gets out of their car, they are making keen observations.  Torn window screens, seasonal weeds and various debris spread throughout the front of the yard says, don’t expect things to be much better once you get inside.  We’ve personally had home buyers say, “let’s skip this one” just from viewing the appearance of the outside of the property.

Dating Scene

Imagine being out of the dating scene and re-entering after 10+ years.  Most will believe they could just hop right in as they are.  Sure they could, but have they asked for an opinion on what they could do to make the best first impression?  Perhaps losing the mom-jeans, getting a new hair cut and hitting the gym could give them an edge over the others.  Yes, that sounds a little brutal, but we want to you to maximize the return on your investment, so we offer tough love.

Take Your Home to the Beauty Salon

Similarly, replacing damaged window screens, pulling the weeds and tidying up the exterior of your home can make it more appealing, giving you an edge over your competitors. Even in a Seller’s market, the condition of a home can be the difference between getting the high end of value as opposed to the lower end.

Don’t worry, most homes will not need a complete overhaul.  Here are some basic things you can do to spruce up the curb appeal of your home:

  • Clean the cobwebs around the front door and windows
  • Reduce and/or remove landscape clutter (e.g. you really don’t need 10 garden gnomes)
  • Replace burned out light bulbs from exterior lights
  • Paint the front door
  • Add potted flowers around the entrance of the home
  • Pull those pesky weeds
  • Mow the lawn and trim the hedges
  • Roll up the garden hose
  • Eliminate any debris (e.g. extra blocks, bags of soil, broken bird baths, etc.)
  • Regularly sweep the area around the front entrance

Stay on the Short List

A little goes along way.  The last thing you want is for a home buyer who added your property to their short list, to quickly scratch it off the list the second they pull up.

We Can Help You

For an in-person assessment of what you could do to get your home ready to hit the market, ask us to come out for a brief visit to offer suggestions on how you could easily make your home picture perfect.  Contact a local Realtor®.